* NEWS – 1/18/2016
Lauran has joined Luc GJ Begin’s Triality Productions as a writer in the new Latin arm of his international audio-visual production company.
‘Killer Eyes’ was written by Lauran Childs, English writer and artist in Miami.
Lauran Childs was born and grew up Birkenhead in the north of England. Technically known as a ‘woolly-back’ – a reference to the countryside she grew up in just outside of Liverpool – Lauran excelled at school and loved writing and art in particular.
After leaving school Lauran attained a Bachelors of Arts in Film and Literature (with honors) at Essex University, England. Whilst at university she became ardently involved in an anti-rape organisation in London and worked on the publication of the first study on rape and sexual harassment in England – ‘Ask Any Woman’.
On leaving university Lauran worked in the anti-rape movement for years as an activist, and public speaker in particular, whilst dancing most nights and enjoying the rich cultural mix of London – a follow-on from her experiences at Essex University, the most multi-cultural university in England at the time.
Lauran has always pursued her artistic and literary leanings and whilst in London continued to paint portraits, to write books (which tragically died in a fire – pre-internet), and edited a Booker and Orange prize winner’s work (who shall remain nameless because he doesn’t deserve the publicity!).
Lauran moved to the USA some years ago and lived in San Francisco and the wine country before moving to Miami ten years ago. Well-traveled, Lauran says Miami is the place that delights her most of all.
Since moving to Miami Lauran has continued to enjoy the stimulus of different cultures, and to write and to paint – including pop art murals in South Beach – and has begun writing movie scripts. Lauran  always knew she would make movies, she just wanted a rich life experience before she began.
Now it’s time.
‘Killer Eyes’ is Lauran’s directorial debut. She has also written other scripts including ‘She Lives Again’, a horror movie, and is currently working on ‘When I’, which is hard to categorize as it’s dark, violent, romantic and one character makes love with a ghost.

‘Star’ by Lauran

Lauran adores cats and feeds around 20 a day. She has started the site www.CatWomaninMiami.com and intends to create a Miami cat sanctuary.

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  1. Shane Martin says:

    You need more Irish characters?


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