Characters to Be Cast

Killer Eyes 12 12

9/8/2015: Update;

The quality of responses I’m getting is thrilling and I expect to announce some key members of the cast in the next week. That said, I’d like to point a few things out –

  1.  I’m English and am used to viewing movies from many parts of the world. That leads me to want to make movies that are if anything understated (if dramatic!) and not at all a slick American movie. Much as I like some American movies, there’s a lot of richness out there that American movies don’t tend to tap into. Boy are we going to do that.
  2. Candidates so far are particularly standing out if they have some sense of discipline and integrity. They do what they say they’re going to do when they say will – or before – and totally intend to do something awesome.

My vision is to attract a caucus of really great actors who I can work with repeatedly – like Almodovar did with his central group of talent that included Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.

If you’d like to act any of the roles below please send info about you, including photo/s, videos, nationality, languages, accents to

I can’t promise a response but you will definitely be kept on file and kept in mind for future movies too.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST–  Cleo, Latin. She starts off as 14 and ends the movie at early twenties. Would definitely like someone who can play the two different ages, plus around 17 in between.

Has to be; pretty/beautiful – with strong eyes; able to fight and dance (martial arts); has a steely gaze when necessary but can also be very vulnerable and sexy. No nudity but nudity definitely implied in a couple of the scenes eg. after she’s been making love with Benicio. Has to be a very confident character.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Benicio – Latin, male. Again, starts around 14, then 17, ends early twenties. Kind of a gentle giant with very good muscles. Strong loving man with traditional values, willing to marry Cleo if she gives up being a killer.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Jimmy Malone – Irish drug dealer, 40s, preferably with Belfast accent. Talks like a racist but has a black male lover – one suggestive scene between them.

Mickey Malone – Irish from Belfast, 40s to 50s, brother of Jimmy, heavily swearing and drinking former pub owner in Ireland who used to mete out savage punishments for Protestants who entered his Catholic pub during ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

Bernadette Malone – wife of Mickey Malone, 30s-50s, from Belfast, a bit of a worrier who doesn’t realise Jimmy’s true nature and loves him. She looks on the bright side of life.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Clinton – West Indian, late 20s/early 30s, tall, thin, petty thief, Jimmy’s lover – probably for pay. One suggestive scene between him and Jimmy, as above.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST– The Maria – Cuban, very black, late 40s/50s. She’s the priestess who gives Cleo hits she will get paid for.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Cecilia – Latin, Cleo’s mother, 40s/ 50s . Pretty, a bit plump. Probably tarty. Speaks Brazilian, hopefully with a Brazilian accent.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Ricardo – Latin, 40s, Cecilia’s ‘boyfriend’ who rapes Cleo at 14 and dies as a result.

Doreen – West Indian, probably 40s, met Cleo in prison and intends to kill Jimmy Malone, the Irish drug dealer.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Adolfo – Latin, plump, 14 to begin with, 20s later when he’s seen as a cop. On the take, loves donuts and tries coke to lose weight.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Denzel – Black, 20s, Adolfo’s police partner partial to swigging vodka from a flask when on the job.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST –  Marcus – Cleo’s half brother, at least part Latin, 20s, thin. A drug dealer and user.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Cherise – Marcus’ blonde girlfriend, 20s, works at Blue Martini.

Daniella – Latin, late teens/early 20s, pretty. Tells Cleo of sexual harassment.

Maritza –  Latin, late teens/early 20s, pretty, friend of Daniella. Tells Cleo of sexual harassment.

Girl in Alley – late teens/early 20s, pretty. Harassed by two youths and runs away.

THIS ROLE IS NOW CAST – Carlos – Cuban, 20s, owner of a garage, looks like Pitbull, is ebullient and can dance.

Dancers – a number of good looking women who go to a party dressed as nuns, strip off to black bikinis and are involved in a great fight scene.

There are other roles that are not mentioned here. Please send info if you are interested to


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