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Associate Producer and Publicist – LA entertainment journalist Jeremy Curtis.

Director of Photography – Mark Braun

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Mark Braun

Mark Braun has worked in the film production industry since 1984.
Although his initial interest in film was acting, he soon discovered that
for him, it was much more interesting behind the camera.  He was
fascinated by the synthesis of both the technical and creative aspects of
filmmaking.  He often describes the process of cinematography as ‘painting
with light’.  Collaborating with other creatives in the storytelling
process continues to fuel his passion.

(520) 631-4397

Sound Engineer – Raf Guzman


Raf Guzman is a sound engineer and sound composer with more than 15 years of experience in the movie/theater industry. He started to play music at the age of 6 and mastered most string and key instruments. One of his latest movies is Red Herring, voted Best Local Movie in the 2015 Miami International Festival. Working and based in Miami, Florida, the Brazilian/Spanish artist puts together end-to-end sound production, from field recording to sound mixing, from composing to mastering. Raf works in his own studio and delivers best-quality stereo and 5.1 sound. Currently he is working on both short and feature movies including Slave of a Circus, Rough-Go and International Lovers.


Kimberly Liriano

Production Assistant – Kimberly Liriano (aka ‘Lyf ‘n Ink’)  Reach her at

Still Photographer – Saul Grinberg Filho .

We are currently interviewing for crew positions. If interested please send info about you and examples of your work to .